Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Special Event: Sukiyaki Night – Sat., Feb. 26

Please join us on February 26 for some delicious sukiyaki hot-pot! Like past events, this will be a hands-on event, meaning that we'll prepare and eat the food together.
Not sure what Sukiyaki is? Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese hot-pot style dish where meat, vegetables, tofu, noodles, and various other ingredients are all cooked in a communal pot, simmering in a savoury sauce.  There are two main styles of Sukiyaki, Kanto style and Kansai style, and we'll try them both out.  Mokuyokai board member Shaun Krislock will be organizing the event, with long-time member and Sukiyaki expert Ike Oyama helping out.  Cooking events fill up quickly, so please RSVP early! Please note that as we have to pick up the ingredients in advance, we ask that participants pay in advance. We will ask those who are no-shows or cancel the day of the event to honour their commitment.
More info on sukiyaki:
Date and time: Saturday, February 26th, 5pm-9:00pm
Location: Verona Amenity Room, 1483 West 7th Avenue (between Granville
and Hemlock Street)
Cost: Mokuyokai members $15 / Non-Members $20.  All food and some soft
drinks will be supplied.
** Please bring your own pair of (non-disposable) chopsticks.  If you can
help out by bringing some folding chairs, please let us know in your RSVP.
RSVP: with your name(s) and contact number by Tuesday, February 22th
to Erika at shortstop_et(at)hotmail.com
Payment Options:
1) By Mail
Cheques should be sent payable to: "Vancouver Mokuyokai Society"
P.O. Box 48901, Bentall Station, Vancouver, BC, V7X 1A8
2) In Person (Thursday's Donwakai is a good chance to pay for this event!!!)
You can give a cheque (payable to: "Vancouver Mokuyokai Society") or
cash to any Mokuyokai Board member before February 22nd.


Please Note: Photos/videos may be taken at this event that may be used by the Vancouver Mokuyokai Society in connection with the activities of the Society or for promoting, publicizing or explaining the Society or its activities. These photos/videos may appear in any of the wide variety of formats and media now available and that may be available in the future, including but not limited to print, broadcast, videotape, CD-ROM, and electronic/online media.