Saturday, 7 January 2012

Snowshoeing up Hollyburn Mtn (at Cypress) on Sat, Jan 14th. Rating C3

Mokuyokai is kicking off the 2012 Outdoor Program with our annual trek up Hollyburn Mountain at Cypress Mountain. Snow-covered trees, stunning alpine views and the slide down are some of the reasons to experience this winter wonderland!
Trail description: "In only a few short minutes after leaving the base area you'll feel as though you've entered a whole different world. The trail weaves through the heart of the woods. As you wander you'll be surrounded by a wide variety of natural wonders. Huge, snow-covered trees, including some old-growth standing 700 plus years such as yellow cedars or "Cypress" trees, will be your constant companions. Along the way you will cross natural snow bridges and glance into tree caves. Higher up on the mountain you'll be greeted by beautiful open glades and spectacular views." –
We'll follow a well-used back country route that has many steep sections. If you can do the Squamish Chief or the Grouse Grind, you can do this trail. You will need to bring your own showshoes or rent them.
When: Saturday, January 14th. 8:30am – 3pm (approximately 4-5 hours of snowshoeing; driving time depends on traffic)
Where: Hollyburn Mountain, Cypress Provincial Park
Meetup Location: 1. Vancouver Tourism Info Center at 8:30am (sharp)
(300 Burrard Street. Corner of Burrard St. and W. Cordova St).
2. White Spot parking lot at Park Royale Shopping Centre at 8:50am
RSVP to Michael Marland ( by Wednesday, January 11th
Please indicate:
1) Are you a Mokuyokai member or JETAA?
2) Can you drive or do you need a lift?
3) Do you want to meet at the Vancouver Tourism Centre or at Park Royale?
4) Your phone number
5) Emergency contact: name and phone number
Maximum number of participants: 20
More trail info:  (We start near the snowshoe rental shack, and follow a route close to the Access Trail to Hollyburn Peak)
What to bring: Be prepared for variable weather conditions by bringing: winter or waterproof hiking boots (no running shoes – they'll get soaked!), water repellent jackets and pants, extra sweater, toque and gloves. Dress as you would to go skiing or snowboarding as the mountain is much colder than the city. Also, bring lunch, snacks and a drink. Optional: Some people slide down, so a garbage bag with a piece of cardboard or a crazy carpet will make for a delightfully quick voyage down.
Mokuyokai Fees (note: these costs cover our insurance)
Members: None
JET Alumni Association: $5
Non-Members: $10
Snowshoe Rental:
You are responsible for picking up and returning your own snowshoes if you don't have any.
1. From Cypress: $19/day. Cypress asks for the purchase of a $10 trail pass (which we don't need). They also ask that their shoes are used on their trails but I don't see how they can check. A cheaper option is from MEC.
2. From MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op): $12 /day. You will need to pick them up the DAY before and return them on your own time.
Car Pooling
We will arrange car-pooling from the Vancouver Tourism Info Centre. It works on a first come, first serve basis (i.e., if someone RSVPs and can drive 3 people, the first three people who signed up get a lift.) Please give your driver a minimum of $5-$10 for gas and their time (you can decide a fair amount with your driver.) Drivers are usually in short supply, so if you can drive, it is appreciated. If there has been recent snow, drivers should have snow tires.
Mokuyokai Rating: C3
=====< *Rating System >================
This rating system indicates the difficulty of the activity and how long it will take. Please note that this is just a reference and the time may differ depending on the condition and participants abilities.
A= Beginner: For everyone. A walk in the park.
B= Intermediate: For the people who occasionally play sports.
C= Strenuous: You regularly exercise and want a challenge.
Time (Estimation of activity time):
1= less than 2 hours
2= 2 to 4 hours
3= more than 4 hours