Monday, 3 March 2014

March 9th Snowtubing at Cypress スノーチューブ体験会


Join us for our annual snowtubing outing at Cypress Mtn. Thanks to the recent snowfall there should be plenty of powder on the slopes!  
You'll slide down their special hill and you don't have to walk back up - there is a tube tow to save you the climb. 
Check out the video from last year.  

What to bring:  Dress warmly.  Dress as you would to go skiing or snowboarding. There is a canteen if you do not want to bring snacks/lunch. We are not stopping on the way to Cypress for anything, so please come prepared.
Date:    Sunday, March 9th
Venue: Cypress Mountain
Meetup Location: Vancouver Tourism Centre - 300 Burrard St.  Meet at 10AM Sharp!
Cost:    Mokuyokai Members - Tube Rental ($20 payable directly to Cypress) / Non-members - $5 +Tube Rental ($20)
Time:    (10AM - 1PM) 
RSVP: email to by March 7th. 

Car Pooling
We will arrange car-pooling on a first come, first serve basis (i.e., if someone RSVPs and can drive 3 people, the first three people who signed up get a lift.) Drivers are usually in short supply, so rsvp early! Please give your driver some money for gas and their time (you can decide a fair amount with your driver.) 
Drivers are usually in short supply, so if you can drive, it is appreciated. 
RSVP to Steve ( by Friday March 7th. Please ensure your rsvp is firm, as last minute cancels make car pool planning difficult.
Please indicate:
1) Can you drive or do you need a lift?
2) Your phone number
3) Emergency contact: name and phone number


今週金曜日までに にて予約受付中。

1) 車が有る/相乗り必要
2) 連絡電話番号
3) 緊急連絡先


日程:        3月9日(日) 午前10:00〜午後1時
場所:        サイプレスマウンテン
集合場所: Vancouver Tourism Centre - 300 Burrard St.  Meet at 10AM Sharp!
参加費:     会員 サイプレスからチューブレンタル料$20/非会員ー$5+サイプレスからチューブレンタル料$20